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Software features designed to save you time and money

Can I customise my system?
If there is extra functionality that would help your business we are happy to discuss possibilities for new additions. For a number of our customers we have written bespoke sections tailored to the needs of their business - from tablet enabled sections for working away from the office to different means of handling enquiries. One of the great benefits of Cloud based systems is that code can be added on an individual basis and just linked into your own menus giving you the flexibility to adjust the system to your needs and hopefully drive further efficiencies in your business. As each page is its own unique code, development and testing is very fast as compared with traditional desktop software, and we are happy to complete this work at our standard hourly rate.
Property maps


  • Feature rich integrated Google Maps.
  • Maps displaying all your properties, properties on the market or individual properties.
  • Clustering of property pins for densely packed areas - group your properties into overdue inspections to determine the most efficient days to visit.
  • Simply click on a property on the map to bring up all the details in the system.
  • Display a route to or from a property on the map.
  • Display step by step text directions to or from a property to a given location.
  • Display live traffic on the map to help avoid areas congestion
  • Send an email to a viewing appointment with a map link embedded.
  • Google Maps features: select traditional maps or satellite imagery and use Google Street View to "walk" down a street.
Can I access my calendars on my smart phone?

You can access your calendars on the go using our integrated online calendar

  • Our software integrates with Google Calendar. At a press of a button add your viewings or other scheduled appointments and they will integrate with Google Calendar. This will allow you and your team to see all of their appointments on the go, with any internet enabled mobile phone.
  • Simultaneous multiple-user access.
  • Quick-add functionality allowing you to add events to calendars from any page.
Can I upload to Citylets, Gumtree, Lettingweb, Rightmove S1Homes, Zoopla and more….?

Property portals

Publish to key rental websites at the click of a button: Citylets, Gumtree, Lettingweb, Rightmove, S1Homes, Zoopla and more…we can also add additional portals upon request. For websites designed by ourselves, the single click will populate your website as well saving significant time.
Website design integration

Website design integration

Developing contemporary websites with the latest technologies we are the company of choice when our customers require a new website. We can integrate the website with our software allowing you to have one cohesive package. At a single click, upload to the property portals you use for marketing in addition to the properties being displayed live on your own website.
Does my data comply with Data Protection laws?

Data Protection Act


Our business is registered with the Information Commissioner for your peace of mind regarding the security of your data.

Can I upload my bank statements?

Upload bank statements from the major banks

With SME Professional, not only do we provide you with the power to upload your bank statements for multiple accounts, we also help you automatically assign the payments. When rent payments arrive, the system recognises the payments and assigns them to the correct properties. A huge time saving on your administration. It is not just rents received - you can assign any regular incoming bank line to be automatically detected by the system. For example, assign your Direct Debit to to Advertising Expenses every time it appears in your statement.
Do I need to generate landlord statements?

Landlord login area

With SME Professional there is no need for a monthly statement to be issued to the landlord. You can provide them with access to their own dedicated area. They can view their ledgers and also see scanned copies of any invoices associated with any of their properties.
What if the data centre loses power?

Multiple power sources

The data centre takes power from the National Grid and reserve power from the rail network. The servers also have battery backup which can run for a short period while large on-site diesel generators are switched on to power the site in an emergency.
Legal documentation by Lindsays Solicitors and Shoosmiths

Lindsays Solicitors (Scotland) and Shoosmiths (England)

Our legal documentation for our Scottish customers is provided by Lindsays Solicitors, one of the leading property law firms in Scotland. Lindsays review and keep up-to-date our tenancy agreements. In England, we use Shoosmiths for our legal documentation. Shoosmiths is a major UK law firm with a network of offices across the UK.

When there are changes in legislation, if you have chosen to use the leases in the system, then SME Professional will pay for the updates to the documents reducing your own costs of business.

Other documents

Helping you run your business

We supply a whole range of documents in the system - we aim to reduce the time spent by our customers where we can, and writing documents can be time consuming. For a new start business, our range of documentation adds to our concept of "Franchise without a name" when you use our software. You will have years of industry experience to hand as you take on your first customers.  
Eliminating reconcillation


Our software imports the bank lines from your statements. It works with all major banks. Rather than a software package where you enter everything manually, and then have the time consuming process of reconciling with your bank account, our software IS your bank account. This eliminates many time consuming elements associated with reconciliation.

Multiple ledger systems

From the bank lines that have been assigned SME Professional creates individual ledgers for each property. These include ledgers covering rent payments, which show a running total of arrears. The ledger can also handle payments from multiple tenants individually. The landlord ledger displays rent received and subtracts fees, expenses and rent paid out. The system also includes balance overview pages where you can view all tenant arrears and outstanding landlord balances on a single table.
Is my data backed up?

Real-time backups

On our servers your data is stored on multiple hard drives. Many of these can fail and your data will still be safe. Should a drive fail, it is simply replaced and the server will automatically copy the data back to it. Our primary server is also backed up on a milli-second level to a reserve server. In the event of failure of the primary server, our software can be moved to the reserve server.
But is it backed up off-site?

Off-site backup

Yes. Your data is stored on two servers in the Scolocate data centre at the Gyle in Edinburgh. We also backup your data every night to a data centre in London.
Is my data secure?

SSL Certification

We use HTTPS website addresses which you will be familiar with from the security on online banking. SSL technology is used to encrypt your data between your computer and our servers to give you peace of mind that your data will not be be intercepted. We regard this as safer than the potential threat of theft from a computer left in an empty office or house.    
Marketing material

Marketing material

Our software has a range of functions to help you with marketing your properties. From generation of window advertisements from a range of templates to automated emails sent out to potential tenants with details of new properties, we have it covered. You can also send prospective tenants emails with Google Maps embedded showing the location of a property or SMS potential clients within the system.


Automatically generate email correspondence for viewing appointments (with embedded Google Maps link). Inform your landlords at the click of a button that a viewing is taking place. Built in text messaging with replies straight to your email address help keep all your communication in one central place - no more issues with text messages being lost from lost phones, phone upgrades, or just not remembering which member of staff sent the message. You can also chart marketing spend versus customer enquiries per month.
Tenancy agreements

Generate move in packs in seconds

Our software includes our quick-click generation of tenant documents. In seconds a fully populated tenancy agreement, standing order mandate, rent and deposit receipt and supporting notes will be generated. The system will work out payment dates and pro rata amounts due, leaving it quick, simple and easy for the user.

Tenancy agreements are sent for electronic signature so guarantors and tenants can sign the document remotely – this reduces the time spent with tenants in the office and speeds up the process of getting legal work completed for a move in.

How often does the software get updated?
Additional module development is on-going as we think of new and innovative methods to save our customers money. As the software is Cloud-based we can roll out changes in seconds rather than our customers having to wait for months or years for a scheduled release as is common in desktop solutions. We value the suggestions from our customers. If an idea is to the benefit of the majority of our customers then we are happy to consider adding the feature at no cost.
Is my business safer on the Cloud?
Many businesses store all their critical data on computers in offices where a theft or fire could easily destroy essential business information. Indeed, those that backup data every night often store the backup in the same office. With a Cloud solution your data is stored online in secure data centres and is backed up to provide you with peace of mind.
Can I access the system from anywhere?
You can access SME Professional from any internet enabled computer. The system will work on Apple Macs, PCs or Linux computers.This means that the management team can access your system from home in an evening, or keep an eye on the business while on holiday abroad. If a staff member has to go home for a personal reason, or cannot make it into work due to adverse weather, then they can still potentially get on with some work. Staff members on call to take evening emergency calls can have full access without having to head into the office.

Contact Support

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the team. SME Professional is a huge piece of software, and it is only possible to mention a few of the features it has available.