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Functionality update


End Tenancy

We have updated SME Professional today with a new “End tenancy” menu option found in the tenants’ menu. This area looks to streamline the move-out process by bringing together steps that were previously carried out on separate pages. When notice has been given by the occupants of a property this section can be completed straight away. The page will set the move out dates of the tenants, remove rent reminders after the move out, and work out the pro rata amount for the final payment where applicable. Please try it out, and as with any new functionality please feel free to provide feedback.

We have a lot of new areas to the software near to release which we will be in touch about soon.

Google Calendars

SME Professional can now integrate with Google Calendars, allowing your team to see their viewings and other appointments on their mobile phones. Contact us for more details on how to set this up.